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"Celebrate Chattanooga...Across the community sectors in a chorused way" Senator Bob Corker

The "Scenic City" History    (Go to Today)

Chattanooga, Tennessee is a "naturally" beautiful city, and so befittingly called the "Scenic City".  Incorporated in 1839, the city is "175 years beautiful"!TM  as of the year 2014.  Chattanooga has a rich, distinct and colorful history.  The following website provide infomation about Chattanoga's history.  The city has received many honors and accolades for being a great city to live, work, learn and play.  Click here to discover more about Chattanooga today  as a great place to live, work, learn and play.



More About History


Chattanooga History Center Collection-DeepZoomChattanooga has partnered with the Chattanooga History Center to share some 'zoom-worthy' images from their massive photo archives. Many represent unique views, or images of better quality than previously seen.  While working toward their future opening, The Chattanooga History Center will provide a fresh approach of connecting visitors to Chattanooga's past.  Visit 


To see some incredible vintage photos of Chattanooga, visit the following sites:


Chattanooga Public Library – Flickr


Deep Zoom Chattanooga

Chattanooga African-American Museum




River City Company



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