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Tekelia Kelly, Host





"Chattanooga Choo Choo Me Home!"
written by Tekelia Kelly

175th Anniversary
Commemoration 2014


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Chattanooga Choo Choo Me Home Music Lyric Video by Tekelia Kelly Copyright 2012, BMI,  All rights reserved. No copy/use without permission.


Nov. 2014

Welcome to Celebrate Chattanooga!  Chattanooga's Celebration Station for Student Education!  This site was created to celebrate, educate and communicate about the people, places and projects that help empower Chattanooga students; and provide students a service learning platform to showcase their talents and skills.  In 2014, host and STEAM Teaching Artist Tekelia Kelly commemorated Chattanooga's 175th Anniversary with song, stories, shows, shout-outs and a special tribute.  Now see the soundstage, spotlights and service pages created to support students.  We welcome  donations at Fractured Atlas.  For more info about us please contact us

In celebration of Chattanooga's 175th Anniversary, Celebrate Chattanooga invited Chattanoogans to participate in a week-long host of online activities Nov. 8-15.  The activities were designed to celebrate, engage and interact with the community.  Fun snackable content and an immersion of rich, dynamic social media made celebrating Chattanooga "virtually" like having an online party.  The initiative also was connected with  Chattanooga's as one of its community-sourcing events in celebration of the city's 175th Anniversary.


Citizens were welcomed to send shout-outs and share history stories at, and posts of historic and unique pictures of the city at Along with celebrating the city's 175th year of incorporation, Celebrate Chattanooga also celebrated its grand opening, with the debut of its new commemorative song--"It's Really Been Nice", also known as "Chattanooga ChooChoo Me Home"  Lyrics of the song spotlight the city, its 175th anniversary and Tekelia Kelly's homecoming back to Chattanooga from Memphis, Tennessee.


As a Special Tribute to the city on November 15, 2014 Celebrate Chattanoga presented a special program and ceremony featuring the Historic St. Elmo Missionary Baptist Church, with Pastor Billy Church, Choir Director Dorothea Johnetta Johnson and Minister of Music Lyndon Carriger.  For over 150 years St. Elmo has served the Chattanooga community with God's love and Word.  The program also featured special guest artists Roland Gresham who is a gospel jazz guitarist and recording artist.


Celebrate Chattanooga is a social enterprise created, owned and hosted by Tekelia Kelly, to celebrate, educate, communicate with and connect the city of Chattanooga.   Celebrate Chattanooga celebrates the people, places, pleasures and projects of Chattanooga, capturing the heARTtbeat of the city for Education.  "To me, the arts build education".  For more information and to stay up to date about latest news and happenings, please also explore Celebrate Chattanooga's  Facebook and Twitter pages.


Thank you!

Tekelia Kelly



Chattanooga Choo Choo Me Home Lyrics and Video by Tekelia Kelly Copyright 2012, BMI,  All rights reserved. No copy/use without permission.

Tekelia Kelly, Host & Teaching Artist

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